H1b extension and H4-EAD processing while traveling


I have approved I-140 application under EB1-b category. I am in my sixth year and my visa expires in Sept. 2019. My employer has filed for H1b extension last week under premium processing and also applied for H4 concurrently and H4-EAD for my wife. We have to travel back to India next month and so I am trying to figure out the implications for my wife’s status.
Since it is premium processing, if all goes ok (i have never had any issues in the past) I am hoping to get my approval in two weeks. However, since the I-539 does not qualify for premium processing the anticipated timeline I am told is 7-10 months. We have not traveled for past 4 years and so will need to get Visa stamped to re-enter. I might have approved I-797 by next month but my wife probably will not.
Does she have to wait in India till she gets her H4 approved ? Will her H4 - EAD be processed in parallel or the processing of H4-EAD starts only after her H4 approval ?

I would really appreciate if someone can provide any clarification on this. Has anyone else faced a similar situation.

thanks in advance,

No need to, she can go for stamping in home country using the H1B approval notice. Yes, based on the details shared by few users, the H4 and H4 EAD would be processed. Read Travel out of US with H4 Pending..

Thanks Kumar for the link. That helps !

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