H1B Extension and Amendment at same time

My scenario:

  1. My H1B expires on 09/10/2020
  2. I got a new Job, which required me to file an Amendment, filed amendment on 02/10/2020.
  3. My Employer filed for my Extension and Amendment together.
  4. I got the Approval notice today but dates mentioned are Valid from 02/10/2020 to 09/10/2020

Question: Why i didn’t get approval for 3 years (09/10/2023), my client and vendor letter mentioned as long term project and I hold approved i-140.
Do i need to file H1B extension again?

What got Approved ? Extention OR Amendment ?

@swap_par201 Amendment

So there is still hope your extension will be approved according to client letter. Mine was same situation. But extension got approved first for 3 yrs last yr. and then Amendment after 3-4 month followed with same length.

@swap_par201 My attorney filed a new LCA and extension today. Hoping for an approval, my current H1 (i-94) expires on 9/10/2020.

Make sure to convert in premium to get response/approval asap.