H1B extension/amendment and dropbox appointment

Hello Community,

My employer recently filed my H1B extension-amendment and just 2 weeks back we received the receipt notice. My understanding is the petition was generic and not premium. I’m planning to get married in Nov-Dec this year.
Q.1) Can I still request premium processing?
Q.2) If it is not possible to file premium now, do you think I’ll be able to get the approval in time, before I travel to India in around Mid-Oct?
Q.3) Let’s say it gets approved - I have no idea what is the H1B drop-box waiting time in India, will I be able to get an appointment before Dec so I can travel back to the states safely?

Really appreciate any help here. Also, please correct me if my understanding is not correct with any of above-mentioned points. If there are possible solutions please suggest, Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes you can upgrade to premium. Talk to the immigration lawyer of your employer.

You will only know if you try to schedule the appointment. Slots open randomly so I don’t think anyone will be able to predict this for you.