H1B extension after I94 expiry date

Hello There,

I got my H1B visa on October 2006. I left US on Oct 2012. My recent H1B extension (which was stamped on my passport) was till Feb 2013.

I have used 4.8 years of my 6 year H1B tenure. So I have 1.2 years remaining.

Now, Can you please let me know if I can apply for H1B extension? If yes, till what time frame can i apply for H1B extension in order to use my remaining period?

You can extend it.

And you know the answer to your second question ( If your GC is not in PERM or I140 stage) you will get your rest of 1.2 years!

May I know till what time frame can i apply for extension? Can i apply on 2014?

It can applied within 6 years of Oct 2012 (last day of H-1 status). If you go through the cap again next year (as you have stayed out of US for close to 1 year), then you get whole new 6 years of H-1.