H1b extension after change in prevailing wage

Hi, My husband’s i94 is expiring n Jan 2020, so his employer has filed his extension on Nov 10th under normal processing, he’s in EVC model.The new change in prevailing wage will it impact in H1b extension as well? My husband is having approved i140. Pls we need your advice on this. Thanks!

If the LCA was approved, it should be fine. The new wage levels only apply for new LCAs that are filed.

Ok. Thank you so much for your response. His employer said they have filled with extension with the old LCA which is already approved. I think we are good :slight_smile: Also last year he got the extension for one year only according to the client’s SOW. Though it’s a long time project, the client can give SOW for only one year, so we don’t know how many years he will get this time. We need your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!