h1b expired not travelled to US, can i go for other company


h1b filed from comapny A, stamping done, not traveeld to US h1b visa expires… sep 2014

here my Q is

  1. Can i go for other company for h1b and they can file a new petition for me? if so please explain

  2. Or i need to stay in same company for extension.

please help me out…

Your H-1B petition can be used till 6 years from the day of approval for a new H1-B petition application in Cap Exempt. Keeping this in mind:

  1. Yes, they can apply new petition in Cap Exempt.
  2. For extension, same company can apply. But you may get questions to answer on why didn’t you travel during last 3 years - be prepared with some valid answers.

P.S. This is not a legal advice.