I had approved h1b petition which I applied on 2011 slot and approved on 2012.I never went for stamping.It got expired on Dec-14.I am renewing it through the same consultancy.my questions here is as the 6 years span will be completed in 2011-2017 if it got approved will be valid for only upto 2017 or it will be valid upto 6 years from pitition approval date.

Please help me as If it valid upto 2017 than it will be very short period.I have a stable job here.Going for 1 year will make any point as I have to resign from my current employer.Please help and Thanks

There are 2 different 6 years period:

  • 6 year period that defines when a cap-exempt petition can be filed. This will end in 2018 in your case (6 years from original date). So new petition needs to be applied before that

  • 6 year period that defines how long you can stay inside US on H-1. This includes only time spent inside on US, in your case which is zero. So the new petition can be approved for 3 years as long as it is filed timely.