H1B Expedite Criteria eligibility


Hi All,

Since Premium Processing is suspended right now,
I wanted to check if my case is eligible for expedited processing

My H1B is under extension at the moment and I need to Travel to India in March 2019 for my only sister’s marriage.

Will I be eligible for expedited processing under any of the following criteria?

Emergency situation
Humanitarian reasons

See USCIS data here: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/expedite-criteria

Further details on my Visa:

  1. I came to the US on H1B in November 2015.
  2. My stamped Visa expired on Jan 2018.
  3. In July 2018, I got an approved extension until Feb 2019
  4. I applied for another extension in Nov 2018, this is still in process.


No, you will not be. Emergency refers to the applicant being really ill or something that is health related, etc. Check https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume1-PartA-Chapter12.html#footnote-2 and Humanitarian refers to times of War and threat to your life in some way…
You may discuss with your attorney and re-confirm, but that’s the USCIS guidance on their official website.


Good to know. Thank you Kumar