H1B - Exempt -Visa stamping stuck in 221G

Hello Helpful community members!

Appreciate anyone’s insight and help in getting answers to my questions below. Thanks in advance.
I was working on H1B - couple years back. Had to go back to India after 6 months - because of personal reasons. Now, I found a company which applied for my H1B again under Exempt category. I797 was approved - June 14, 2022. Did not get a visa interview slot in Chennai until March, 2023 for Dropbox. I was asked to attend interview on May 8, 2023. It was put on 221G(white slip). I was told by the visa officer - there is nothing I need to provide as supporting documents at this time from my side. They will get back to me. I have provided all - including client letter, offer of employment, previous H1B details, work history etc. I also have B1 approved and stamped on the passport. Chennai consulate visa officer returned my passport and advised me to check the status / wait for e-mail confirmation. Until now - it is still in - Refused - status - your case was refused for administrative processing.

This may take some time. But I am running out of time for myself on my career goals. Two paths I am trying to pursue.

  1. Find another employer who can sponsor me H1B Visa - by transferring this I797 - Is is possible to transfer when it is under admin processing?
  2. Pursue higher education. If I apply for colleges, will this 221g affects my chances of getting Student Visa?
  3. If I get my student visa, after the studies are over, is it still possible to get back to my H1B exempt status or should I have to work on getting a new H1B ?

Thank You!


Just the 221g won’t affect. Every visa application is assessed independently however if you had past visa refusals , that may affect your current application.

You may be able to change status from F1 to H1B and utilize any time left on the H1B 6 year term.