H1b exempt for H1b expired in Nov 2006

My H1B was issued from Mar 2004 to Nov 2006. I was in US for 11 months in the same period and after that never used any tenure on that petition. (Effectively I just used 11 months out of Six years eligible). 2012 got L1b stamped valid for 3 years from a different employer and was in US for 3 months. Question: Am I eligible for H1 B transfer for the balance period of 4yrs 10 mths (As the gap after the expiry of my H1 B is around 6.5 yrs ?? Am I eligible for H1B TRANSFER?) (a) Some have expressed that I should have been on H1B within the past 6 years to get the eligibility for H1 B transfer for the left over period out of six years. (b)Some indicated that I am eligible for transfer only while in US on L1B). OR the only option is to go for NEW H1 B (starting in April, 2013 and eligible to enter on H1 B in October, 2013). Any guidance on the above will be appreciated.

From my experience having been part of various immigration forums, to be eligible for the remainder period , you should have been in h1b status within the last 6 yrs , which in your case is not true.Since its more than 6 yrs you have left the US , your only option is to file a new H1b under the cap…

Note: This is purely my opinion and not legal opinion .