H1B Employer change within a week or two of entering USA

Hi All!

I got my H1B visa stamped in December 2014 and have been waiting for an opportunity from my EmployerA to send me to USA.

It is already 6 months that I had my visa stamped so as it was getting delayed, I found another EmployerB who agreed to transfer my visa and started the process yesterday (LCA filed on 6/4) and shall be applying in premium processing.

Note: I have not signed any offer letter, legal agreement, or any kind of documentation with my EmployerA to serve any minimum period of time.

My question is

During the EmployerB transfer gets completed, if my current EmployerA sends me to USA and deploys me at client location (looks most likely in next week), will I be able to quit EmployerA and join EmployerB (once the transfer petition is approved) within a short span of time may be a week or two?

Yea its fine, they wont be happy about it :slight_smile: