H1B Emigration finger print check

My visa stamping is done in NOV 2016 so the bio-metric and on DEC 2016 I met with an accident due to which i damaged my left hand finger. Now my finger is been recovered but there is a prominent scar right in the middle of my finger (Its about 1 cm). Its clear that my finger print not gone a match for damaged finger in emigration check. Is there any process i have to follow so that i would not be into any trouble while emigration check. I heared that after trumps stand on H1B there is regressive check on migrants for every small aspect.Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.

Just have the medical certificate of the injury handy. Your rest of the fingers should match and the photo and other documents, could work for you.

Thanx ramanand for your comments. Is there any documentation we can have in this regards?