H1B eligibilty

Hi All,

complete my graduation in 2006 (B.COM (computers)

In UK @ student visa - 2007 (Jan) - 2011 (June) - 4.5 Years

But I started studying in UNI (MSC in finance) from Jan 2010 - June 2011. So from Jan 2007 - Dec-2010 I have gap (being an student visa @ UK) i.e. 3 years of GAP.

From Nov2011 till date working as Software Engineer for one of the TOP notch IT companies in INDIA (nearly 4 years)

Am I eligible for H1B? I have employer to Sponsor me. My biggest concern is the GAP of 3 years while I was in UK @ Student Visa. What I should say to US visa officer if they ask me about the GAP, I did nothing in UK, worked as a part time employee.

  1. Does my education will be a problem for H1B eligibilty. I heard many people from civil, mechanical and even from chemical engineering back-ground went to US with just 2-3 years of experience from many IT companies, how is it possilbe?

Please someone answer