H1b eligibility after l1b to l1a

I came us on l1b and converted to l1a 6 months prior to completing 6 years. I have validity till Apr 2015. I am planning to leave us by sept end. Am I eligible for h1b April 2015? Appreciate your answers. Thanks in advance.

U are eligible, but u may get visa only for difference of the period… If ur green card is in process, U may get h1 for more than the difference

Hi RaNa,
Thanks for response on this. Pls let me correct my initial question.

My l1a applied 6 months prior to completing 5 years and got total 6 years 6 months with validity till April 8th 2015. I am on 6th year now and planning to leave before completing 6 years. So far no GC processing for me. Please suggest me.

L1+H1 together Max continuous stay (without a 1 Year gap in between) can be Max 6 Years. As you have already spent 5 Years in US, you most likely can spend only 1 more year on H1. After that you will have to leave US for 1 Year re file H1/L1, go for new stamping and then re enterUS. The only way to avoid that is to have your GC filed. But as your 5 Year period has ended the only other way would be to get I140 approved within next 1 Year.

6 years excludes vacation and the days you were not in US…
whatever it is you can be in US only for 6 years on any job if GC is not in process AFAIK