H1B educational criteria for IT professionals.


I am Praveen, working in a software company in India.

I hold a non-IT BE degree (Mechanical). I am working in IT filed since 3 years

How many years of work experience in IT field mandatory to be eligible for H1B cap for non-IT degree holders.?

Thanks in Advance.

USCIS wants 4 years of study in the relevant field. Otherwise, I believe 3 years of work experience is considered equivalent to 1 year of study. So, you need 12 years of IT experience.

You will have to get education evaluation done to know the US equivalent of your education. If it comes out to 4 years then you are qualified for H-1 in general. However, you also need to be qualified for the job. So if the job requires 4 years comp sc degree + 1 year of experience, or 4 years of non-comp-sc degree + 3 years of experience then you are qualified for the position as well. If it requires more years of experience, then you don’t qualify for the job.