H1B DS160 - US residential address question

I currently reside in the US in a state (state A) different from my employer (state B)
While I plan to move to state B eventually, I do not have a final address there yet.

Can I fill in my current (state A) address in DS-160?
Thank in advance for your help!

You should direct this question to your immigration lawyer.
Does your LCA have your current address of state A that you are working from? (Assuming you are WFH)

Thanks for the reply! I will follow up with my company’s immigration lawyer as well.

My LCA listed only my employer location (state B) - however before I could move, I had to travel to India for a medical emergency. So I have not been able to make the move as yet. I plan to reach the US and then relocate.

You may be in violation of H1B law if you/your employer didn’t file an amendment for job location. Consult your lawyer and follow their advice on the address to be listed.
You can’t be living in one state and your LCA listing address in another state where your employer is located unless you update the address using H1B amendment. Does your pay stub also refers state B?