H1B DS-160 Mother's name has spelling mistake in passport


I am in progress of filling DS-160 for H1B visa. My mother’s name has spelling mistake in my passport. It is misspelled as “ALEIYAMMA MARY” instead of “ALEYAMMA MAREY”.

In DS-160 should i mention the correct spelling? or as per my passport ?. I wish to go ahead with what is there in my passport (incorrect spelling) to avoid any problems at this point. Will this create any issues in future when my mother travel or any insurance or any further renewals of visa or gc etc ?. Please advise

Thank you in advance !

for now better to go ahead with what is there on passport. If US Consulate find any discrepancy they might think that you are trying to fool them.

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This is a minor error. No change is needed. At the most she can carry ‘one and same person’ affidavit while travelling

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Hi Santosh,

I am also facing the same issue. Kindly advice .my mother’s name in passport has spelling mistake . Let me know how you resolved the issue

I just followed the passport. Haven’t had any issues so far. It’s been 3 yrs. I also had an extension once. My parents also visited US once without any issues

But be honest if some question comes up.

My mother name in her passport Vs my passport is not matching with one letter spelling mistake , But i followed all visa documents(DS 160 and Appointment) same as my mother passport . But in B2 visa interview do they verify my passport Vs my mother passport?? please advise me any thing i can do like any affidavit or supporting doc to justify this at the time of parents visa interview?

Just go as per her passport. Hope one letter spelling is not pronouncing completely different name. There will not be any such question. Even if it comes up, tell her to be genuine with answer.

This is just my opinion, not a legal advise.