H1B dropdox blue 221(g) requesting to appear for interview with NO documents

Thanks for taking time to read my post!

I collected my passport today (9th-Dec-2017) and found that I was given a blue 221(g) with ONLY “Please appear for an interview with a consular officer …” ticked. No documents are requested. None of the other options are selected. Below is my situation;

  1. Visa type: H1B
  2. Interview type: Dropbox
  3. Consulate: Chennai
  4. Appeared for interview on: 4th-Dec-2017
  5. Documents submitted during interview: old and new I-797 photocopies, Photograph and passport

Other information;

  1. Few months back I changed my job. Now I have a full time employment from a reputed US company.

  2. I went on a 4 day trip to Cambodia before reaching India.

  3. My GC process is initiated. Yet to receive I140.

  4. In my current H1b 6 year tenure is at 30-Aug-2018.

My questions;

  1. Has anyone been in this situation before?
  2. Should I go to the same Chennai dropbox location or should I go the location where stamping interviews are conducted?
  3. Other than the 221(g) and passport, should I carry any document?

Hi … I am in a similar boat. I lost my valid visa/passport in the US. Eligible for drop box, dropped off docs on 11/20, collected passport on 11/28 with 221g to appear for interview. Attended interview on 11/30.
You need to be at interview location. Treat it like any other stamping interview. Employment verification, resume, salary verification , i-797 etc.

Thanks for the reply!

Just to clarify, you visited the stamping interview location. Not the location where you submitted your docs during dropbox. Am I rite?

Thank you once again.

That is correct… However I got another 221g for further administrative processing after the interview.

I am in a similar situation where I’ve been asked to come in for an interview with the consular and the blue 221(g) letter instructs to only carry the letter and the passport. I want to ask, what are the chances of approval and what sort of questions should I expect in the interview.

Hello… once you go for PA interview, they will ask the usual questions like Salary, Job description, Designation, work location, etc. In my case what happened is, the offcier gave me anothr 221g Blue slip (stating that my visa is rejected for administrative reasons) and they accepted my passport. After few weeks I got my visa stamped passport.

I am in India now stuck in the same situation. My immigration team said that they are doing some background check. So waiting for my passport.

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately my case is for the F1 Visa and the Spring semester starts on 22nd January. I am really worried as I have extremely few days left.
So just to be sure, for the 221(g) interview, you did not carry any extra documents (other than the passport and letter)?

In my personal experience (twice), the visa officer didn’t ask for any document other than my previous 221g (issued during my Dropbox) and passport. But my immigration team always advices me to carry all the documents. So I am passing on the same advice to you.

Good luck!