H1B Dropbox Status says Admin Processing, but Passport Status Updated.

I am currently getting my H1B Visa stamped after changing my employers. I’m using the Dropbox facility and there was no issue with the documents when I submitted them. My statuses have been -

Friday - Documents Submitted / Visa Status - No Status

Monday - Passport is with the consulate / Application Received

Tuesday - Passport is with the consulate / Administrative Processing

Today, on Wednesday, the status for my passport was updated to

Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

However, my Visa status on the CEAC website still says “Administrative Processing”. I have been assuming that this means that I have a 221(g) now, since my passport is probably being returned without the Visa status changing to “Issued”. This could of course, also just be a delay in the system. I noticed that previous changes in the passport / visa status weren’t synchronized either. Could someone shed any light on this?

What happened on this case ? I am in the exact same situation. Did you get the VISA ?

Hi , Can you let me know what happened at last ?

Hi, please let us know what happened at last

I got the h1 after I submitted the proof for I 140

What happened at the last same things happen with me to day am getting my passport but I don’t nw what is there in it visa or something else any 1 have any idea

They sent me back the passport without visa stamped but a 221G blue slip asking me to appear for PA. I went the next day to consulate and got my VISA the very next week. Good luck !!

Im in similar situation. Did they mention anything on the blue slip? For me they just asked to appear and H4 doesn’t need to come.
What did the VO ask? Your response is highly appreciated!