H1b dropbox status "approved" meaning?

I recently had a dropbox appointment. I see the following status
“Approved”…Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received in more than 10 working days please see the webpage for contact information…

What does it mean ? Is it fully approved and the visa will be issued ?? I dont find the info about this particular status…
Please help me to understand the possibilities here.Thanks.

What is the current status now? It’s been 3 weeks for me and status is till showing approved.

Hi, i got the visa next two days after it was approved.
These are the stages after approval…i got this from some quora answer, but when I checked the trend in other portals (experiences of others)…I can see this is the procedure they follow(at least I believe)

Stages after approval:

Administrative Processing, the embassy checks to see if anything blocks the actual issuance of the visa.
Issued (passed all obstacles, the visa is yours).
Visa is placed into your passport.
Passport with visa given to delivery company to be sent to you.



My husband dropped his H1B visa dropbox docs on Nov 10th at chennai. I see the status as “No Status” in CEAC.

Someone please tell me how long it is taking to get the stamping done and passport back? when can i see the status change online? Thanks, Sailaja Prakash

I believe you get soon the “app recieved”. The time varies depending upon the crowd.When I dropped, literally the queue was zero. But when I went for pickup, i see a big queue for dropbox. So, just wait.

thanks. How will they notify us once the passport is ready for pickup? is it through email or SMS to mobile? Thanks

Both you get. If you open the cgi federal, right side bottom, you can see where the passport is. You should visit the VAC for collection only when it is changed to “ready for pickup”.You get sms also.

Any update on your case? My case was approved at Delhi on November 3rd. But no update since then,


Hi, I see the status changed from Approved to Issued at Chennai. Any idea how many days it will take to get the passport back?

Mostly max a week and min 2 days.

Mine got issued after 4 days of approved…

Thanks, since we chose “Pick up” option. Do we get an email notification within a week to pick the passport?