H1B Dropbox showing Refused


I submitted my documents to the mumbai consulate via dropbox on March 6th 2020. The status on the ceac website until the morning of March 11th was Application Received. When I checked again in a couple of hours, the ceac website shows the status as Refused. What does this mean? Is this the same as Administrative Processing? I received no email asking for additional information or documents. What should I be doing?


It is same as Administrative processing. The status text changed, so you may see that. Read

Update: The website says they are not processing immigrant 221g’s. Mine is a nonimmigrant 221g. Does this mean that I can still appear for the interview?

Hey! I received my passport from the consulate friday(03/13) and I have been asked to appear for an interview at the consulate. I was going to go for the same tomorrow, but I heard news saying that all visa appointments at the consulate are cancelled. Is it true? I did not receive any email or sms notification about the same.

Yes, all visa appointments are cancelled in India until further notice. You can read updates of US Consulate India