H1B dropbox, received 221(g) asking to attend interview After regular operation started

Hello Community members.

I attended dropbox appointment on first week of march 2021. VFS person asked for i797 copy and an employee verification letter only.
On 2nd week of march i received an email saying my case is refused with a 221(g).
After three days, i got hard copy of my 221(g) asking me to attend interview after regular operations are started and it mentioned not to book another appointment.

I went to Chennai assuming the regular operations are started. But the security did not allow 221(g)s inside. They mentioned currently they are open for appointments only and they have not received any info on 221(g) walk-in interviews.

Questions :

  1. I am curious on when the regular operations will start?
  2. In the email i received they asked me to schedule a followup 221(g) interview but in the hard copy it is mention to attend interview after regular operations has started.
    Which one to follow? Anyway both seems odd options for me now. First one with no regular operations and second one with no calendar showing up for followup appointment option in http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in .
  3. In my employment verification letter i provided, my designation is mentioned as Tech Lead while my h1 specific designation is Software Test Engineer. Curious if it has any role in 221(g).
  4. Does any one has experience with 221(g) followup interview scheduling in recent days?