H1B Dropbox Query

Hi All,
I am currently on H1B and traveling to India for my VISA stamping. Last year in the US I got married. In my current Indian passport it’s still single. Before my Dropbox appointment do I need to get a new passport and submit for the drop box or can I submit my current passport and attach my marriage certificate? Please let me know

Passport is just an ID document and I don’t think status will cause any issue.

The reissue of passport is must if the name changed after marriage which generally applies to females if they change from the maiden name.

If your passport has long validity, I don’t think there is a need to update it at this point in time. However if your spouse is going to apply for her H4 visa, then she will need to carry the copy of your passport, marriage certificate, marriage pictures etc along with other documents.

In your case, you don’t even need to submit marriage certificate with other dropbox documents as it is irrelevant.