H1B Dropbox - Old expired passports with expired L visas

I have a Dropbox H1B renewal in December.

I have my current passport which is valid till 2027, it has the required expired H1B visa stamp for renewal. And I will be taking the approved I797 and previous i797 etc, and other related documents.

Now, long ago I had L1 visa, in my old passport. I don’t have that old expired passport which has expired L1 visa. passport got lost over time. Is that needed? If needed, what do I do? I have a photocopy of all of them.

Documents checklist says -

  • All available prior passports with a U.S. visa.
  • Prior visa in any visa class which is still valid or expired

Just carry all passports that you have. If you had submitted a police complaint for the missing passport, carry the copy of same and only present if asked for the prior passport with L1 visa.