H1B Dropbox - Offer letter vs EVL


I am currently working for an MNC Company A (India entity), I personally applied for some opportunities within the same company for US entity roles and successfully got one (this is considered as personal transfer). My petition is approved. I have my dropbox appointment on Jan 2023. My question is for dropbox, Is Employment Verification Letter (EVL) mandatory? even though I will be working for the same company, mine will be considered as a new employment in US office. In this case, is offer letter enough? (offer letter DOJ Feb 2023).

Also, in my offer letter I only see the company logo on the top left and there is no signature (either digital or wet from the employer side), will this cause any problem? I signed the offer letter digitally and my digital signature with some signature ID is present in the letter.

Kindly help @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Thanks in advance.

Offer letter explaining the job role, duties, location and salary is good.

I would get it signed by the hiring manager.