H1B Dropbox experience

Has anyone traveled from USA after proclamation issuance by US Govt and successfully scheduled drop box appointment for H1B Visa and got successful visa stamping too?
I have been in USA till september and planning to travel to india. i got drop box appointment for oct 1 but wanted to see if there is anyone who has successful stamping of H1B visa through dropbox. Any information would be really helpful.

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There are a lot of users who got successful Dropbox done. We have telegram groups, where users shared a lof the info. H4 is more common. But, H1 also some have got it done. As long as you are eligible and exempted under proclamation, you are fine.

Can we get to know more about the experiences of H1Bs. I was in US on date of proclomation which exempts my case. I would like to get visa stamping done through dropbox. Also I would like to add myself to telegram group. Can you share the link?

Can some one please share the link for the telegram link for the discussion of the H1b drop box experience.@Kumar Can you please share the link of the telegram where the discussions are done in regards to the H1B/H4 drop box experiences in India .

It is in this group : https://t.me/us_visa_stamping_india

Hey Jane ! My sister is planning to come to India for a wedding but she needs her H1b visa to get stamped. Can you please tell me in detail how u got the dropbox appointment and your experience with the stamping.