H1b dropbox experience in Delhi 22/08/22

This was my third H1B and second dropbox. The first H1b was 2017-2020 (in person visa appointment in Delhi), the second one was 2019-2022 (dropbox in Chennai) and this was the third H1b (dropbox in Delhi). My I-140 was approved in 2020.

The second and the third employer was the same one and it was a direct employer.

A weird thing with my profile was that I was in India from November 2020 to Jan 2022 because of covid and I was getting paid in USD.

My second visa expired in June 2022 and I travelled to India in August 2022 for the interview.

22/08/22 -
reached VAC at Delhi and then was asked to stand in a queue, there are 5 windows, each of which has a queue of 3 people. Each person’s documents were seen for 15 mins. So after 30 mins of waiting, I got my turn, the representative asked for the following documents-

  1. All Passports with a US Visa stamp on it.
  2. a photocopy of the current I-797
  3. Employer verification document
  4. 1 photograph as per specification

The representative that my photo, which I got clicked at Walgreens in San Francisco, had my head tilted and there was some shadow coming on my face, so I asked me to get another one clicked. I then got my pictures clicked outside the VAC pretty quickly and then came back, stood in the lines again, got my documents checked again.

Status on CEAC
22/08- No Status
23/08- Case Received
25/08- Approved

This is the first time I saw the “approved” status. it used to be “administrative processing” and “issued” before.

Now I am waiting for the passport collection.

finally when did you receive your passport? any status changed after that ?