H1B Dropbox Experience - Bangalore (Oct 2020)

I have come to India for my marriage and I needed Visa stamping as I renewed my visa this April. Anyhow, my visa dropbox experience was one of the simplest and straight forward things I have seen in the last 10 years.
Before I can continue let me make a few points about my employer and employment.

  • I work in the construction industry.
  • I’m directly hired by my company after the interview in 2015
  • My pay already matches the new rules
  • I’m not working or ever worked for any kind of consulting firms

Now coming to the document list, I had researched on this before filing for renewal and all the websites had a long list of stuff and paperwork needed for this process. But, if you are a direct/full-time employee like me then I don’t think all the documents are necessary.
List of Documents asked

Other Documents I collected but not needed for my Dropbox interview in my case

  • W-2 & Tax Filings (1040)
  • 1-year bank statement
  • Offer letter
  • Old Passport
  • 4 Pay Stubs
  • All old Documents

My case was simple and I’m waiting for my passport to come back from Chennai but I’m not sure about what documents needed for others, so collect all whats relevant and take for any eventuality.

Also, dropbox situation is very simple and easy to do and its takes around 10-15 minutes and no more than that.

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Hi , my visa status has refused today for my dropbox based submitted required Us visa stamping.Can someone confirm how to know the reason for admin processing and where I would get this info .My petition was approved till dec 2023 and i never had any visa stamping issue in past. I had my USA return flight booked already , so i wanted to know if someone experienced this same case recently , please share the feedback.

Thank you @Kudupa for sharing !

The status can change in the middle. Give it up to 10 days and do not worry. Many got similar statuses

Thanks a lot Kumar, though any idea what had been the latest trend of requiring additional docs as part of this Visa status stage and do I need to provide any thing additional Doc as I didnot get any mail for further steps or action?

Appreciate more info on this.

@Namrata_Mishra, Would you mind sharing latest update on your case ?