H1B DropBox Appointment - is it valid after 31 Dec 21?

Hi - I have a Dropbox appointment for Feb 22 that is ~20 months after the expiration of my last H1B visa (which was renewed on time but I need to return to India for stamping). However, historically we were only allowed to use drop up till 12 months after- that rule got extended to 48 months in the proclamation earlier this year in March.

This rule however, is only in place till 31st Dec of 2021. My appointment however is Feb 2022 - is this still valid? Technically at the time of scheduling I was told I am eligible for dropbox but at the time of actual appointment, if the rule truly expires, I am not eligible. What should I do?

Please help! I have to return to India from the US and don’t want to make a mistake :confused:

I would imagine that if they were to discontinue with the 48 months eligibility, their system would be updated to not allow dropbox beyond 31st Dec’2021 based on the criteria. If their system allowed to book the appointment, may be they are going to extended it however the state website is still not updated.

I would just call VFS and check with them.