H1B Dropbox Appointment in mid Sep in Delhi - Should i apply for NIE while in US?


I am currently in US in the bay area. I have an upcoming visa appointment in New Delhi for dropping off my documents for H1B renewal. I am wondering if i should send an email to the New Delhi embassy regarding NIE while I’m still here in US asking them to confirm that I’d get the NIE with my visa stamped on the passport itself. I heard from one of my friends that someone in her company was able to receive confirmation about NIE this way. Can someone guide/comment here if they know anything?


Ideally you should include NIE letter along with other document if applying via dropbox or carry the letter to your visa interview and present to the VO.
You can send email requesting NIE approval if you already have a visa and want to travel to the US.

I do not have a valid Visa anymore. I am planning to go to India for my stamping appointment. I’m asking if i should send New Delhi embassy a mail requesting NIE on visa right now being in US or risk it and go to India and submit the necessary NIE documentation along with the other documents during dropbox appointment. Can the embassy conditionally approve my NIE from here itself? I’ll feel less risky then going.

You can try sending NIE request via email.

Thanks. I’ll try and send a NIE request via email while being here and let people here know their response. Worst case they ask me to travel to India first and hand in the NIE documents with the dropbox appointment itself.

Can you explain / share - why you need an NIE for h1b drop box renewal . US consulate wont accept standard h1b drop box renewal w/o NIE ??

And , It would be very helpful if you can share how you were able to get the dropbox appointment in sep ? Did u fill DS160 and were able to grab a cancelled slot upon regularly checking for visa appointment dates ?

Thank you

I must visit india soon

Hi Kalpesh,

I went for a Dropbox appointment on Sept 02 2021.Submitted an NIE request letter and supporting documents for NIE.

I have collected passport back on Sept 09 2021. There is stamping on my visa but no annotation regarding NIE.

But I received a NIE approval in a yellow letter. It does not have any US consulate letter head or stamping. It’s just a plain yellow letter which says that I was granted NIE. (Enclosed here)

Could you please let me know whether this letter will suffice for my travel back into US.

This is something new to know however this should be okay. The NIE approvals are in their internal system which the CBP can access and verify.