H1B Dropbox Appointment Eligibility/Issues


I have noticed that with the new broad Dropbox eligibility questionnaire, many F1 to H1 cases or first time H1 cases are technically eligible for Dropbox (due to the very broad nature of the eligibility questionnaire), however, once the documents are submitted via Dropbox…the consulates are issuing a 221g and calling for interview/fingerprints and only then approving the VISA.

Has this happened to redbus2us community users?

Is this due to the fairly recently updated (Jan, 2022) generic Dropbox eligibility questionnaire from a much more specific one that existed before Jan 2022?

There is also ambiguity that persists with the 48 month expiry date of previously issued VISA for Dropbox eligibility. Is this due to that ambiguity?

Can you provide more guidance on this or direct me to the appropriate channels to post this query?

Appreciate your help!


If you have hold any visa type for US in past you may be eligible for interview waiver however it is at discretion of the consular officer.