H1B dropbox, 221-G, Work Location related documents

Hi Team,

I dropped my documents for visa stamping in New Delhi lication for h1b approved petition. I received blue 221-g slip in march 2023 with below ask:

“LCA and any other documents associated with future employment location.”

I am okay with LCA but can you suggest what other documents my employer can provide for future employment location? Or is it okay to just provide them LCA.

Any help would be highly appreciable.


@Apy_M What did you end up doing? Did you submit the supporting documents at the OFC center or go to the consulate for an interview?

Yes, i have emailed the documents. No status change till now.

Did you get a same kind of query?

I haven’t gotten my passport back yet. Not sure what they need from me. I’ll probably try to submit my documents to the VFS location here in New Delhi, hoping that’s faster.

In my 221g letter it was printed that i need to email my documents. Do you think i can also drop it at vfc for speed it up?

I am wondering if you can share your experience further. Did you get any slip?

I think you can just drop the documents directly. In my case, I had to go for an interview and then got another 221g for administrative processing. I finally got the visa after about 2 weeks of further wait.