H1B Drop box with 221G experience


Writing this up so that if some one is in a similar situation can be benefited.

Chronology of Events
Sept 23 - Dropbox in Chennai. Gave all the documents and the girl at the counter at Chennai VAC did not ask for my Client Letter. I insisted that it is mandatory and gave it to her.
Sept 28 - CEAC status changed to refused.
Sept 29 - Collected my passport and white 221G slip asking to appear for Face to Face on Oct 31.
Oct 31 - Appeared for interview. Waited for 1 hr in the line.
As things happened. I gave my passport and 221G slip.
Office asked for my client letter and spoke nothing else. She told to wait for sometime and you will be called back. Asked me to take a seat.
After 1 hr or so all the people in queue left. But still I was waiting
And after another half an hour she called me and told that we could not verify the client letter and told me we will verify and get back to you asap.
Gave another 221G which said administrative processing.
Nov 4 - My client received the email from visa desk to verify my job details.
Then dead silence for 1.5 month
I sent back to back emails to support and got the same template as reply.
In the mean time my client told me to WFH from India.
After Dec 12 I decided to take some action as there was no updates.
I emailed my senator.
I got a reply asking to sign the release form and enter details to contact State department on my behalf.
Dec 16 - Email sent on my behalf and my senator told me to wait for updates as it will take 4 weeks to get a reply
Dec 16 - By 11AM i got an email from ChennaiHL to drop the passport at one of the VAC and a copy of this email.

Am not sure whether it is a pure coincidence or not. But my senator got an email immediately and she forwarded it to me stating the same.
Not sure if this enquiry made this happen.
Waiting for passport to be stamped…
Please let me know if you have any questions. will be happy to help…

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Well, I have got your points here. Many thanks.