H1B Drop box questions

Hi Team,

Good evening,

My current H1B is going to expire on Oct 2023 so i am planning to go for drop box in Jan 2024.So, do i still go for interview or just i can drop my documents in respected consulate as per the appointment.

Me and my wife should create a separate account and pay the VISA fees and schedule the appointment separately or i can submit together?

Can you please help me about the above questions.

You may qualify for IW based on your answers.

If you are both traveling at the same time you can book under same profile at same time.


Thanks for the response.

So do i need to submit the DS-160 form separately to me and my wife but to pay the fees i have to add my wife in the CGI portal then it will give total fees as 410$?

Please correct me if i am wrong on it?


Yes that is correct.

Thanks for responding back