H1B Drop Box question

Me and my wife have a US visa drop box appointments on the same day but at different appointment times in New Delhi.

This is not a dependent application, Can I still drop off my wife H1B dropbox application at her designated appointment time? She is not my dependent and she is on her own H1B.

Any one have done this? Please respond so we can travel plan accordingly to Delhi.

You can represent your wife for dropbox appointment, just carry your ID proof.

Thank you for the response. My wife is on h1b. Is this true for primary application H1b application as well? She is not my dependent.

Just want to double check.

That is correct, no matter the visa category. Just call VFS and get a confirmation from them.


Thank You. I was never able to get them to talk. Is there any specific selection or time I need to call them?

Try sending them email and see if they respond.

I tried sending them email. They are responding them with same templated response for every question :frowning: