H1B Drop box eligible, But want to Opt in for Interview


My current H1B Visa is expiring in September, And I got my new 797A for the extension.
I have to travel in September to India.

So I went to book an appointment for H1B renewal, and it says I am eligible for dropbox.
But I have a couple of questions regards to that.

  1. Can I skip Dropbox, and book a regular appointment for an interview?

  2. Can I book Appointment after a month for backup date, and still go for Dropbox?

  3. If I Opt for DropBox, and after submitting Docs if they called for an interview for additional questions or 221g, etc. Am I able to quickly book an appointment for an interview(Any special category)? or Do I have to book a regular appointment (because current general wait timings are 80days)

Thanks for your answer

  1. Yes, you can do that.
  2. You can do, whichever works for you.
  3. They will give you guidance on appointment, if you get 221g and it will be different slots, so it will not fall under regular ones.