H1B Drop Box at chennai

Hi, greetings. I have multiple questions ,

  1. I have booked H1 and H4 appointments separately due to new site issue. It is a Dropbox appointment at chennai at same time . Question is , can i drop both the applications (H1 and H4) ? . Do i need to carry any authorization letter for it(if so , kindly share the link) ?

  2. H4 appointment - In appointment confirmation page the passport number is coming correctly if i expand and see full number . However if we do not expand the full number and display only 4 then last digit showing incorrectly. Im not sure if it would cause any issue . I think i just need to take print out by expanding it . Please let me know if any faced similar issue .

Thank you , good day

Yes. If you are the primary applicant then you just need to show your ID ( ideally passport)

No issues at all.

Thank you. I have opened a ticket via Feedback option, no response received yet.

Hi team ,

I have a valid b1/b2 .I am applying for h1b visa for the first time .Am I eligible for drop box as I am having a valid non -immigrant b1/b2 visa and have never been rejected any time in past ?