H1B Drop box Appt with new Passport

I had a drop box appt, but due to loose binding issue on the day of drop box appt, they mentioned I need to get new passport and reschedule my appt. The person mentioned that I would be tagged as no show and i can reschedule it.

As my previous appointment doesn’t show the reschedule option, I closed the old application. I called customer care and they said that my “appointment status is cancelled” and fee receipt is unlocked and unused. But I am not sure if they tagged me as “no show” already, they didn’t explicitly tell me.

If creating a fresh application with new passport & new fee receipt help me find an appt asap? Others who are tagged as no show, did the customer care confirm that their appointment status is “no show”?
Please advise the best way to go forward and if anyone has faced any issues in a similar situation.