H1B drop box appointment


I am trying to book H1B visa dropbox IW appointment in Hyderabad. I paid the appointment fee too.
Doesn’t matter how many times I am checking, it is showing ‘Appointments unavailable’. Is there any specific time that I need to check?

I am a father of 2 US citizen kids. DO I need to apply for NIE to enter the USA?

My wife has her own H1B, she also needs to drop her application file. Can I represent her and drop her file instead she comes to the drop-off location?

Do I need to apply for emergency VISa slot to get an appointment? If yes am I qualify?

Unfortunately there is nothing much you can do except for keep trying.

Parent of minor US citizen child is exempt from NIE.

You may be able to submit her documents using a authority letter from her with proper ID.


I don’t think you qualify for emergency visa appointment. Refer to faq link in the answer for Q2.

Thanks But

Related Q1:
Is there any specific time that visa appointments will open. ?
If not as i filled my DS160 to Hyderabad embassy and also have done payment towards hyderabad embassy… can i schedule to different locations?

Related Q2:
Do i need to apply for NIE? Or i dont need to and defaultly i am eligible to travel?

There is no specific time, you just need to keep checking. You should be able to schedule appointment at other consulate even if you mentioned Hyderabad in DS-160. Refer Q7 at below link.

You are exempt from NIE. Refer the link I shared with you earlier for more details.

How to communicate with consulate beforehand that one is exempt due to US citizen children before submitting dropbox documents ? So that during appointment they accept birth certificate and process accordingly instead of giving 221g since NIE is absent.

It sounds to me like I don’t need to apply to NIE. SO How can I let Embassy know that I don’t need NIE as I have USA citizens as kids?

Someone suggested me instead of dropbox(without NIE) they want me to go to an interview to avoid 221g. But not sure how can I go to visa interview when I am eligible for Dropbox. If I gave wrong info then it will tell me that I am not eligible for IW. So, is it good idea to give wrong info to get interview appointment. And also they said, I can apply Emergency interview slot as I have us kids