H1B drop box appointment dates (Chennai) and clearance received notation

Yesterday, I completed DS160 and paid the fees for H1B visa stamping at the Chennai consulate. I qualified for a drop box appointment for H1B since my previous visa stamping expired less than 48 months.

I saw H1B drop box appointments available at the Chennai consulate during Feb-May 2024 and none later. I believe that they haven’t opened up slots from June 2024 onwards. I hope that the August 2024 dates are not completely booked up now. I am planning to go to India during August for a ceremony and want to book a date during August.

My previous visa stampings (student and work visas) had clearance received notations and it took about 4-5 weeks to get the passport with a visa stamp. As per the current set of interview waiver questions, I believe that I am eligible for a drop box appointment (H1B). However, I may not get the passport back with a visa stamp within a week or so (a typical case) and I need to plan for 4-5 weeks since the new visa stamp may have a clearance received notation.