H1B-Drop Box 221g - Hyderabad

As i am eligible for a drop box, i have dropped my passport and I797 at the Hyderabad consulate last week. I have received an email saying that i need collect my passport and when i have collected it, it has a paper with pink slip, which says to appear for a visa interview.
I am working as a contractor, i have changed the client in this January. As my new client is just 3 blocks away, i haven’t filed an amendment as per USCIS rules. Also, my employer suggested the same. Now, i am appearing for the interview tomorrow, if the Visa offer asks me for client details, which client name should i mention.
Can i say, my new client name and say them that its just 3 blocks away and didn’t filed an amendment ? Please advice.

Do you still need help ? How did the interview go ?