H1b domestic renewal in US

Hi, I’m eligible for domestic H1B visa renewal pilot program. I have filled my DS160 form, which portal should I use for paying fee and booking slot. please help. thanks

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I have submitted my DS-160 form for pilot program and have already paid the fees. However I am not able to select the appointment date/ location on ustravel website - what should be my next steps?

Hi, could you please tell me how and which website did you pay the fee? Is Visa Application Home  · Customer Self-Service is the right place? They are asking to pay in INR, can’t we pay in USD? Also I provided my USA home address, is that correct way? Will they deliver the documents at this address? I am sure you also must had all these question, please help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I applied for an H1B domestic visa renewal and sent the documents through FexEx using the label created by them. It reached the location on Feb 5th as per FexEx, but how do we know the process has started? Because I didn’t get any confirmation that the document had been received.


I have few questions regarding the H1 renewal in US. I already have paid fees and took appointment in Canada, can I reuse the same fee here (if yes, how?), or do I need to pay the MRV fee again?
If in the past i94 expired while awaiting visa approval, am I still eligible to apply in the pilot program?

You should get an email notification for the receipt of your application.

Thanks for your response, I am waiting for their response