H1b dependent can apply for B2 visa for 5 months before getting the h4 visa

hi ,

My husband is working in US (on H1B) since 3 months.Now i planned to apply for my h4 visa,but visa appointment slots are not available upto 3 months.so meanwhile me and my husband thought of applying for B2 visa for 4 to 5 months.after 5 months i will come back to my home country and get my stamping done and i will go back to USA on H4.

now my question is ,is there any risk in getting b2 visa for me.

in interview i want to tell my genuine reason i dont want to lie.

i will book my round way tickets along with my medical insurance.can i get B2 visa in this situation

please help me out


In DS-160 form there is a question asking about family members in US. There you need to mention that your husband is in US on H-1.

This could cause an issue during stamping as VO would ask you to go on H-4 and not B-1.

Are no H-4 slots available at any of the 5 consulates?