H1b denied twice applied third time got I 797 approved

Hi This is kiran, my issue is I worked in USA for 4 years on h1 and last year I came to india for my brother marriage during which I have to get my visa stamped, first time I got 221g during my interview after submitting the required documents my h1 got denied, again I applied for new h1 with the employer and same client , this time it was completely my mistake that I got confused with visa officer questions and gave blunder answers to the questions he asked, VO irritated with my responses and denied my visa . After an year gap I again applied for a new h1 this time with a new employer but same client and my I797 got approved and now I have to appear for an interview at chennai embassy, both my previous interviews was done at Hyderabad consulate but now it’s chennai,and also I was nt working all this one year because of my health problems. kindly please let me know what issues or questions I might face during this interview and also let me know how much chnces I have to get my visa stamped. In all the three cases my client is same but employer is different. And There arena layers in between , as both my employers are prime vendors to my client. Any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

As this is through a new employer, there may not be siginificant impact from previous rejections. However, you should still be careful as this is through consulting company. Carry all documents related to your client/project and other usual H-1 documents.

Also, I don’t think the fact that you were not working for past 1 year will adversely impact the outcome of the interview.