H1B denied and the reason says Beneficiary's education

MY H1B transfer got denied and the reason stated was ‘Beneficiary’s education’

beneficiary’s degrees donot appear courses closely related to the proffered position of a software quality assurance analyst.I am a B.com graduate (with computer as one of the subject), Diploma in software testing, CSI certification and with 9 yrs of Experience in software testing.What are the chances if I re appeal?What should I do next?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

If you have been given the option to appeal, use it but make sure to hire a lawyer. The objection raised on your education relates to the B.Com document only and the objection unfortunately is valid for that degree - where did you get the other credentials from? Your success depends on these credentials being post-graduate which means entry into the software testing / CIS programs required you to have a Bachelor’s degree

sorry to hear that. My H1 got denied once for the same reason.I am B.COM graduate as well but when i applied next year i got H1 so its all your luck.

Did you try to re- appeal ?

I applied in the year of 2015 got RFE for the reason you mentioned and they denied RFE and I applied again in 2016 and it got approved without any RFE. I did re appeal that time. Infact I provided education evaluation as well

can you tell me through which consultancy you re applied again?

My employer is not ready to file MTR or a new H1B. So moved back to india.

What is the next step i can do?