H1b denied and i94 expired...?Can i look for H1b Transfer

My H1b extension got denied and H1b validaty expried i-94 (visa expried sept 2018).
is there any chance i can do H1b transfer to any another employer?
what are my other options?

By law you are OUT OF STATUS as of the Denial date. But you can have another employer file a H1B petition ASAP(immediately).

Thanks for the info…but can my employer respond to denial notice and he again apply for new extension ?? And still I am on OUT OF STATUS???

Yes, your employer can open MTR (Motion To Reopen) the denied case. Then it goes to AAO (Additional Appeals Office) for review.

Thank q very much again for the info…I have one more question to ask . What is the time line I have to go for Appeal or new H1b with my current employer or new employer?..I am yet to receive the denial papers from USCIS… … pls advise for any other tips