H1B denied after RFE, student visa valid till Jan 2013..My options??

I was working on full time CPT which is going to expire on 30 December 2012. My employer filed for H1 which got denied after REF. My F1 visa is valid till Jan 2013. My questions:

  1. Do I have to leave the country after denial or I can still stay on student status.

  2. What are the chances of acceptance of H1B if I file using a different employer next year

Just to be clear, visa has nothing to do with your stay in USA. It is just to gain entry into USA if you leave the country. What is important is your status, eg: OPT, CPT, I-20 documents state the date till which you are allowed to stay in USA.

  1. You can stay on student staus, if you have a valid OPT/CPT/I-20.

  2. It will be considered as a fresh petiton and the acceptance again depends on the documents you submit or your case.

Kindly state more information on your status. Is it CPT or OPT that your are in now, if so what is the validity of your OPT/CPT period.