H1b Denied 2016

2016 H1b visa got Denied. 11 April 2017 … so late . Any road map to appeal

Is it end of the story after lottery picked , rfe the denied.

is it going to be fresh application if I apply again.

What was the tracking number

Yes. You may ask your employer to file for review, if you have a good case. Else ask them to file a new petition next year.

I didn’t use any fake experience or some thing… irrelevant my employer is a big dodgy guy…

I would like to know the fees amount in total if I appeal…my petition…

hope I can manage the dodgy employer…at least not in spending too much money.

What was the reason for denial ? The reason is very important before you even file an appeal.

Even though if the reason for denial is valid. We hav to follow the appeal process. ? Money spent again ?

If some problem in uscis will they take it free of cost. ?

If the denial is valid according to you. there is no point in filing an appeal, other than to waste money again.

Whats the fee for deniel process? Appeal
Will be free it some thing done wrong in uscis side?