H1B currently in US, Renew Indian Passport in India?

Currently I am in US on H1B since last 1.75 years and my passport is expiring in the coming months.

The checklist for passport renewal in US requires a valid address proof. I am not on a apartment lease and have no utility bills in my name. In short, I do not have a valid address proof which is required to renew indian passport from US.

Can i renew my passport in India ?

If so what is the easiest/fastest way to do it


Dear Rakeshjourno,

Both the options are open to you.

For renewing in US , you can take a letter from employer certifying yr employment and yr present adress as per their record,Such letter from reputed employer is accepted even in India and should be acceptable in USA also.

besides if you have us driving license consulate may accept it as proof.

Speak to consulate without jumping to conlusion that you do not have address proof.

Consulate can tell you what is acceptable to them

Deepak Deshpande , Nagpur


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