H1B COS with no job to H4B COS. Can I still work on H1B if get a job?

Hi experts,

My wife’s situation is like this:

She got her H1B COS done in 2013 for validity of 3 years. Her current employer doesn’t have a project for her so he has stopped paying her salary from September.

Can we process her H4 COS since I have H1B COS?

She is still searching for a job as either contractor or full time. If some company is ready to offer her job, can they transfer/sponser her H1B without cap i.e. her current H1B? Or she has to apply for it through lottery in next year March-April?

To add complexity to this situation, what will happen if we make a visit to India in the next year? We both are on COS and are in states since 2012.

Appreciate any replies on this.

Thank You

Yes, it’s better to apply for COS to H4 ASAP to avoid any trouble in the future. Once she gets a job with another employer, they can apply for COS to H1-B for cap exempt. Her new H1-B will always be cap exempt if it’s applied within 6 years of issue date of her existing H1 (assuming her total stay in US doesn’t exceed 6 years).

If you go to India, both you have to go for stamping in consulate.

P.S. : It’s my opinion and not a legal advice.